Client Feedback

Dear Freda,

I would like to let you know what a wonderful time I had on the Azalea Tour.
Nic & Susan are excellent, very informative and very helpful. The driver Mr. Stoney is a very good driver. I enjoyed all that beauty.

Thank you,

Kindest regards,
Silvana Ricci

Dearest dear Freda

From the deepest corners of my heart, thanks and blessings are poured out to you. The wonderful week we spent together I will never forget. Your loving care and concern for each and everyone, made every hour a joy to be with you. May this gracious blessing that you have to weld a group into a family grow to give many more the pleasure we enjoyed.
My galabaya has been greatly admired. My friend is going to take a photograph. Pity I did not buy more!!!
You have my phone number so please keep in touch. Should you visit P.E., a warm welcome awaits you.
God bless and hold you in His care.

Very fondly
P.s. Fond love and a hug to Elaine.